Hardwood Floor

Amparan Flooring is proud to have extremely skilled and professional employees. What sets us apart from other flooring companies is that the quality is never tarnished by outsourced & untrained labor. Our in house foremans have been in the industry for over 10 years. Rest assured, Amparan Flooring can provide individual crews who specialize in your specific flooring needs.


We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to carpet. Based on your needs, we can help determine the right fiber, backing, and ounce weight to best fit your needs.

sheet vinyl

From integrally coving the sheets to heat welding the seams, rest assure our installers will do the job the right way.


Hardwood is an investment into your home. We will help assist you in the right species that will best suit your needs.

vinyl planking

With the new 100% waterproof technology, the amount of options there are can be overwhelming. Let us simplify and narrow down what you're looking for.

ceramic tiling

Custom tile designs are where we shine! We'll help you take on your next kitchen or bathroom remodel.


When your floor isn't level, the finished flooring won't perform or look right. Let us fix the problem with the best products to offer.

moisture mitigation

Moisture in concrete is normal, but when you're levels are too high, what do you do? Call us, we have the solution!

polished concrete

Polished Concrete is one of the most customizable solutions to concrete. With adding dyes and decorative cuts, our installers look forward to starting your next project.

wood and rubber base

The base is the finishing touch that you can't do without. We'll make sure it's the cherry on top of your new flooring choice.

flooring demolition

Why break your back and inconvenience yourself with demo? We have the right equipment and machines to do it for you.

resinous coatings

Dealing with all types of epoxies, urethanes, and MMA's our group of highly trained professionals will make sure to get the job done.

stained concrete

Looking to just spice up your existing slab of concrete? We can stain it any color you desire and protect it to last you years to come.

concrete profiling

If you're familiar with coatings, you understand how important the prep is. With our shot blasters and planetary grinders, we'll make sure the substrate is ready.

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